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Hello Readers.
Welcome to hindikahaniblog.com this is best fiction website.site cantain best hindi and other language famous writers best writing work like hindi stories, Novel, poems,Gazal,short stories, Lok katha,kids bedtime hindi & other language stories,panchtantr ki kahaniya, vyang ,crime stories etc.

All the compositions have been published in the site along with the names of their Authors.the compositions have been collected from different websites of  Google.
My own written compositions are also compiled in this site.

The aim of hindikahaniblog.com is to bring excellent literature to the people. Good books keep our mind calm.

Books have a major contribution in advancing our lives.there is a large group of readers who cannot buy and read books,through this website we want ti make literature
accessible to the masses.

We have grown up listening to thestories of grandmother.many of you will remember the story told by your grandmother even today.that story still makes the mind happy.

Nowadays, the habit of reading books is getting lost in the children. Now children spend more time playing video games in mobile. Some games are good and some are not good. Stories are enlightening. Teaching children good things. Therefore, children's literature is very important.

We want to promote children's literature through the kids bedtimes story.In hindikahaniblog.com you will also find translated stories from other languages.

Indian literature is very rich. The purpose of hidikahaniblog.com is to bring excellent literature to the people.

If you want to send any work to us, you can send it via email. If any website or author has objections from any work, then contact us by going to contact page. Hindikahaniblog in future. Other new features will be added to the .com website. Your cooperation will encourage us. Thank you.

About  Me.

Hello everyone. I am seema khanna from India Dehradun. I am owner of this site.basically i write blog ,Ebook. my Ebook selling on Amazon.com.I also write stories, poems, Gazal & articles in hindi magazines and newspaper.

Writing is my passion.The purpose of creating hindikahaniblog.com is also that I can access the works of my or other authors to the readers. You will be able to enjoy all kinds of excellent works in this blog. Hope you all cooperate with me.
 Seema Khanna... thank you
Email id -- hindikahaniya60@gmail.com
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